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President PAFWA's Message

Dear Parents

PAFWA Educational System (PES) aims to provide quality education to children, equipping them with knowledge, skills, discipline and strong character to meet life challenges befittingly. As such, we always align our curricula and teaching methodologies in keeping with requirements of modern times.

PES symbolizes PAFWA’s unwavering commitment and dedication to promoting the noble cause of education, as indeed Nation-Building. For us, education is not a profit-making venture but value learning and the right of our children, who are our most valuable resource. We, therefore, focus on their well-rounded personality grooming, turning them into useful citizens so as to contribute meaningfully to society and the nation at large.

Remember, students thrive on routine and predictability. Unfortunately, the unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted schools and disrupted routine academic activities. However, despite these testing times, PES held up the banner of educating its students. To minimize the disruption and ensure continuity of learning, we launched the Home Study Initiative, establishing Distance Learning primarily through online mode. All our teachers have been in touch with students and connecting with them in different ways.

While the vaccination drive is well under way and the Pandemic is on the decline, PES Management, in line with Government policy, will reopen PES in a safe manner to ensure in-person instruction, following all required SOPs. Indeed, the safety and well-being of our children is our top priority. Let me share that our reopening efforts will be coupled with Safe School Communication Campaign. We thank you for your continued patience during the most difficult times and look forward to your support in our endeavours to “Build a stronger Pakistan and a better world”. May Allah guide our efforts in steering us towards this noble mission.


President PAFWA

Begum Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu